How To Submit


Only one submission per artist (if you send more than one, you’ll be asked to choose one)
Only 50 submissions are chosen

It’s free to submit your artwork!
Artists selected to be in a show will receive 20 copies of their button for free!

What do I submit?

Your email should include:

  • your name
  • your website (one only; can be your Instagram)
  • title for the button (if you want one)
  • your art as an attachment (one attachment only please)

This info will be on the wall with your one inch button on the night of the show and on this site when we post the buttons.

Use the Photoshop (.psd), Illustrator (.ai), or PDF template to format your artwork for a one inch button. You can also send unformatted art and we’ll set it up — just be sure it’s something that will work in a round button. Email your entry to We’ll send you confirmation that we’ve received your submission within 72 hours. If you don’t hear from us, please email us again.

We do not accept entries by mail.

Our decisions are usually based on how well the art addresses the size and space of the one inch button, originality, how it fits into the overall show, and of course, the subjective opinions of Chris and Jim. We typically receive 100+ submissions so not all work submitted will be in the show. And if you send more than one submission, we’ll make YOU choose which one is your entry.

How do I do that? What does that mean?
  • Use your name as the filename (For example, Jane_Smith.psd)
  • Your art should be 300dpi in CMYK
  • If you copy/paste your art into the template, it’s already set up as we need it and you just need to position, save with your name and send.
  • If you send JPG files or others using RGB, note that there may be a colour shift when we convert it to CMYK.
  • Be sure to flatten fonts in Photoshop or convert fonts to outlines in Illustrator.
  • Do not flatten artwork with the red or green guides visible, they will show in your design. Hide those layers before flattening and you’ll be fine.
  • Image area is the face of the button
  • Bleed area is the area that extends onto the sides and around to the back (hidden in the parts). If you don’t extend your art beyond the image area, you may see white paper on the edges.
  • Button edge area is between the red and green guidelines on the side of the button. It’s a viewable area but results vary due to inconsistencies cutting, pressing, or printing.
  • On the template, the safe area for your design is within the image area (the inner circle; approx. diameter 0.925in) but have colour/art extend to the bleed limit (outer circle; approx. 1.313in in diameter).
  • We want to be sure your artwork is the best it can be. Consider the scale of the button when creating your artwork and print your art at home before emailing it to be sure it’s how you want it. What looks good on screen doesn’t necessarily look good as a button.
  • We prefer submissions as Photoshop (.psd) but can also accept JPG, EPS, PDF, TIF, AI, etc.
  • Please do not include a website or other self-promotional info on the button design. This is an art show.
A note on copyright

All submitted artwork must be yours and free of copyright restrictions (ie, you must be the original creator of the work and willing to let us reproduce your artwork as necessary). You still hold the copyright but by submitting artwork to Hot One Inch Action, you are giving us the right to use your art for publicity, display, and sale as a one inch button. Publicity includes this website and for current and future promotional materials (flyers, books, etc). Buttons are limited edition. Email us if you have any copyright concerns.

The Mailing List

When you submit art to the show, we also add you to our email list. Why? So you’ll receive announcement emails about future art shows from us, plus artist calls and updates for Chris Bentzen’s Hot Art Wet City Gallery. If you don’t want to hear from us, just select “unsubscribe” from the bottom of the first email you receive… although we hope you stay on the list. We DO NOT share or sell our list.

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